We help workers better their financial ives


of employees agree GIMO is a rainy-day fund, helping them address financial emergencies


of employees agree GIMO makes it easier for them to meet expenses on time


of employees no longer use or less rely on informal financial services since using GIMO

We spend everyday. Earnings, however, come in periodically

<p>We spend everyday. Earnings, however, come in periodically</p>
<p>With our GIMO app,<br />
you can choose when to get paid</p>

With our GIMO app,
you can choose when to get paid

of surveyed employees feel more satisfied with company policies since GIMO

GIMO helps thousands of workers having greater control over their earnings.

What workers are saying about GIMO?

Ms. Ha Thi Dung

GIMO is such a helpful app that makes my personal financial management easier than ever. I have shared the app with my friends and colleagues. We all enjoy the app and unexpected expenses have since become much less of a daily stress to us all.

Ms. Ha Thi Dung

Employee of Mobicast


The GIMO app makes my personal finance management easier than ever. Both my colleagues and I enjoy the app so much. Unexpected expenses also become much less stressful for us all. 


HR Manager


The GIMO app is very helpful. It enables me to reduce financial worries, thus focusing more on work and increasing productivity.



Frequently asked questions

1. When can employees access their salary on GIMO’s app?

The employee can access their salary 24/7, including holidays and weekends.

2. Does receiving salary through GIMO affect employees’ personal income tax or other income-related tax that needs to be paid to the government?

3. For successful registration on GIMO App, what information is needed to authenticate the account?

4. Who can use GIMO?

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